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Veterinarian holding a cat


General Wellness

A full physical examination of your dog or cat is essential to their treatment at our emergency animal hospital. While an illness or injury itself might be obvious, understanding the underlying issues and how to treat them will facilitate a much better outcome for your pet.

Diagnostic Services

Our cat and dog imaging equipment gives our emergency vet team the ability to more fully diagnose serious health issues in pets, which leads to better treatment. Many problems taking place in pets, be they injuries or illnesses, cannot be properly identified or understood without the internal imaging that x-ray and ultrasound provide. At Tri-Lakes Animal Emergency Care in Colorado Springs, we utilize our advanced technology to give our dog and cat patients the best chance for a successful treatment and full recovery.

Surgery Services

Surgery can be a life-saving treatment for pets that are seriously ill or injured. At Tri-Lakes Animal Emegency Care in Colorado Springs, our staff is skilled in orthopedic cat and dog surgeries, emergency/trauma surgery, and various soft tissue procedures. We adhere to the most current surgical safety and pain management protocols, and can provide extensive monitoring to ensure that your pet is healthy, safe, and never alone.